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Why Does Animated Content Perform So Well?!


Why Does Animated Content Perform So Well?!

Animated Videos & GIFs vs Blogs, Infographs, eBooks etc…

Animated content has special advantages that make it more effective than the run-of-the-mill marketing content everyone currently uses.



Your customers can’t help but consume your animated content. Animations are eye-catching when scrolling through Facebook.



Looking to engage viewers? Animations can be educational and entertaining at the same time which is great for keeping viewers engaged in topics that can be dry or difficult to digest. Bank of America’s animated series “#BetterMoneyHabits” turned the boring and painful subject of personal finance into short, digestible lessons.



“EARLESS” (audio-free)

Animations can communicate visually without any words or sound so that people can understand a message at a glance – even if they are illiterate.



Animations can help visualize and explain things which do not exist or are difficult to see – like concepts, processes, technologies, etc…




Animations can explain a lot of information quickly and concisely.

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